Synthetic Leather Golf Gloves

Synthetic Leather Golf Gloves


One of the things that is necessary thought to play golf is golf gloves. People who pay attention to golf clubs rarely think about gloves but only care about what fits their hand. Also, many beginners don’t know what gloves are suitable for them.

For people who play golf using their right hand, the left hand takes the initiative to swing the stick and the right hand is responsible for smooth club operation. To swing the stick and give the ball strong strength, you wear a glove on your left hand because you need to hold the stick well. It is possible for a golf beginner to swing the club (driver, wood, iron, etc.) more than 100 times other than the putter in one round.

Beginners also practice for 50 or 100 balls at the training ground before the weekend round. At that time, the skin on the hands sometimes peels, blisters and is rough due to friction of the hand or both hands with the grip. This will make it more difficult when playing golf as well as in everyday life.

Synthetic leather golf gloves also have a role in preventing bad things like that.

Golf Glove Material

The material of the golf glove is “natural leather” and “Synthetic Leather “, each of which has different features.

So, you shouldn’t confuse the two. Because it has a very, very far difference. Especially in its resistance. So, it’s definitely different. Therefore, this is the reason why the price is so much more expensive which is natural compared to synthetic. Herein lies the difference. Natural is clearly stronger and more durable. But natural can also be more expensive.

Synthetic Leather Golf Gloves

For other differences, see below.Natural leatherUsually golf gloves made of natural leather made of sheepskin, it is thin and comfortable for the hand. Natural leather ones are ideal as golf gloves because the grip strength is also much better than other materials. We would like to recommend natural skin ones because many golf athletes also like to wear natural skin ones. However, you need to be careful with the treatment because it is made from natural skin.

Synthetic leather golf gloves is different with natural leather. If you dry the gloves while they are still wet, they will shrink, the oil will dissipate with the moisture and the skin will become hard and slippery. Therefore, after use, you need to treat the gloves by applying hand cream after drying them in the shade. There is also a disadvantage that it has a shorter lifespan due to chaos when compared to man-made leather gloves.

Man-made leather or Synthetic leather golf gloves is made by impregnating polyurethane resin onto a base material such as non-woven fabric. Gloves that use elastic material are suitable for hands like natural skin. You don’t need to be too careful about caring for it after use as the grip strength doesn’t change even on rainy days as it is difficult to absorb water and moisture. Also the price is cheaper than natural leather gloves. Like this, there are many benefits in man-made leather gloves, but less grip strength than natural leather gloves.

There are information about Synthetic leather golf gloves, hope this article is useful for you. So later it is hoped that after reading this you can choose which gloves are suitable for yourself. Don’t look because of the style or style. So now you have to see everything from all sides. But the main thing is your compatibility. Because it could be with natural ingredients but it is not suitable.

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