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How to Choose Golf Gloves for Women and Men


One of the things to think about when playing golf is golf gloves. People who pay attention to golf clubs rarely think about gloves but only care about what fits their hand. Also, many beginners don’t know what gloves are suitable for them. So, this time we will introduce you to a selection of ten carefully selected items.

Sports equipment manufacturers produce golf gloves of various styles and designs. The function of the glove is to connect the palm of the hand to the golf club. With comfortable gloves, you’re playing performance will certainly improve. Therefore, you should carefully choose the type of material that is most comfortable for you.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing these golf gloves. so there will indeed be uses that are sure to rely on from the gloves. For example, like holding a dry grip so it doesn’t get between the hand and the golf club. Because if it’s like that, the hands can experience abrasions and wounds. This of course will affect the performance in the golf game.

Here you will clearly see a function where gloves will be very influential in a game. So it’s not just about style or grip. but safety is also in question. If it’s abrasions and cuts, of course it’s not a good thing. You will definitely feel uncomfortable when you are injured. Therefore having the knowledge to be able to choose good gloves is important.

What You Need to Know

Genuine Leather That Fits Comfortably in the Hand and Provides Easy Control

Genuine leather gloves are thinner than synthetic leather so they feel a better fit in the hand. This material is perfect for professionals who want to improve the accuracy of their hitting. However, genuine leather gloves have a low resistance. This material is easily damaged when exposed to water or the pressure of the palms when gripping a golf club. In addition, genuine leather gloves cost more than synthetic leather.

Synthetic Leather Which is Affordable and Easy to Clean

Synthetic leather is thicker and also stiffer than genuine leather. However, you can fix this by choosing a synthetic leather that is elastic. That way, the gloves will still feel snug and comfortable when worn. Synthetic leather is also easy to wash and is more affordable than real leather.

Keep in mind that gloves are a fairly frequent item of change, especially if you play golf regularly. For this reason, synthetic leather is the right choice because it is not too much of a burden when it comes to replacing it. Synthetic leather gloves usually need to be changed after 6 months, depending on the quality of the individual product.

Make Sure You Choose Gloves that Increase Your Grip Strength

Gloves with a resin coating on the surface can increase the grip strength so are suitable for women and beginners alike. The resin layer peels off easily, but you can get the most of the benefits of golf gloves. If the coating starts to peel off a lot, immediately change to new gloves to keep your grip strength stable.

When choosing golf gloves, adjust your choice according to the weather and taste. You can also bring more than one type of glove at a time to keep them ready in all conditions. So, what about the recommended golf gloves that we have reviewed? Hopefully one of them can be the best choice for you. Happy choosing and see you in other articles!



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