Lady Gloves

Tips How to Keep Lady Gloves Clean


In implementing Large-Scale Social Restrictions to break the chain of spreading Corona Covid-19, motorcyclists are required to wear masks and gloves. But in fact, using this hand protection is commonplace for drivers, because it is an important feature for driving safety.

Paying attention to safety when on the road when riding a motorbike is important. For example, such as jackets, helmets, and gloves. Especially in this day and age don’t touch like this. everyone knows the benefits of wearing gloves that protect all fingers. Therefore, motorcyclists should pay attention to this. especially the lady who often neglects gloves because she thinks something is difficult.

Lady Gloves

Even though the lady gloves will protect yourself from all the risks that will occur on the road. Therefore, you should know and know what to pay attention to when choosing gloves. So don’t just look at the style. but in terms of function and materials need to be considered.

The use of these gloves aims to protect the hand area when driving short and long distances, and can prevent finger cramps when driving in cold air. There are many types of gloves for driving. Bikers need to pay attention to their respective functions so they don’t make the wrong choice. Because many of the motorcyclists choose the wrong material for their gloves.

The first thing to do is to choose the appropriate material for lady gloves. There are many types on offer, but there are two main materials that are often used for making riding gloves, namely leather and cloth. Each of these potions has a different character. Fabric is suitable for use in hot air so it can absorb sweat on your hands, but if it is in cold air you should use leather gloves to keep warm.

The most striking feature of the two materials is that gloves made of cloth have a more flexible characteristic. Leather gloves have a stiffer character and reduce finger sensitivity slightly so they require further adjustment, but are safer to protect against friction. This friction can cause injury. These injuries can cause accidents.

This friction can cause abrasions. Therefore, this is often a concern when driving. So, this trivial thing that already exists is usually ignored. Even though you should pay more attention to it. There are effects that should be prevented when you use these lady gloves. basically, it is to protect women when driving. Either driving or being a passenger.

In addition, gloves are not too tight, so that blood circulation can run properly when driving. Make sure, the gloves must also protect all parts of the hand from the fingertips to the wrist. Gloves that are used frequently should be cleaned by yourself. Glove care should be done at least twice a week. The trick, soak the gloves in a mixture of warm water plus hand soap or baby soap for five to ten minutes.

Then, clean it gently by hand so as not to damage the protective coating on the glove. Do not use the brush in the cleaning process as this can cause damage to the gloves. Rinse the gloves with clean water. Especially for leather, clean gloves without immersing them in water so as not to damage the skin layer.

Drying process, so that the fabric can be dried in the sun. For leather gloves, the drying process is not done in the hot sun and only relies on the wind to dry completely. Make sure the inside of the gloves is dry. No need to squeeze to maintain skin quality. Glove care is very important to maintain the quality of gloves, prevent bad odors and the development of germs on lady gloves. I hope this article is useful.

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