Driving Gloves

Driving Gloves That Are Suitable for Use


Gloves are one of the mandatory equipment for motorcyclists. The function of these gloves is to protect the hands from being injured in an accident, or also to prevent the hands from getting cold quickly due to wind. The point is to protect your hands when driving.

This tool will be very valuable for those of you who really like to ride for a long time. For example, such as touring outside the city and even outside the island, it is mandatory to use it. Because we never know what will be encountered on the highway. Therefore, self-protection for motorized vehicles must be more covered by the whole body, including the hands.

Driving gloves are hand protection, especially the palms of the hands when driving using a motorbike. However, cars are also commonly used. So, this car is usually used when racing competitions. This type of racing can be used for rallies, formula 1, drifting, to off-road, definitely using gloves.

The Driving Gloves Model with All the Consequences

The gloves that exist today have 2 models. So, the first model is that the gloves are full covering all your fingers. Then this second model only covers half of your finger. So, the difference is only in the fingers. some are pseudo-closed, and some cover only half a finger. for use it may be the same. but the security level is definitely better covering the whole.

But the half-finger driving gloves glove has its uses too. For example, like people who use motorbikes for short distances in one city. Then the need to touch something is high. for example, such as workers who use motorbikes. They are sure to often open their cell phones to see. Repost if you have to remove the gloves. Therefore, for this condition it is more suitable for the half.

However, keep in mind is your safety, of course, number one. Or maybe you are a rider who attaches great importance to appearance. The closed glove style will help prevent your fingers from becoming striped. Therefore, the appearance can be maintained. It’s a different story with half finger gloves. gloves like that will definitely make your fingers striped if used continuously.

The Advantage of Driving Gloves That Covers the Whole Finger

The advantage of wearing full gloves is of course a higher level of safety. when someone uses gloves like this there is no need to doubt their safety. If seen from previous cases, full gloves can reduce injury during an accident. Even though he was still injured, it was just not that badly.

The next advantage, of course, can withstand the wind to hit your hand. The wind that can enter your body through those fingers will of course be torturous. Your hands will feel more sore than usual. Therefore, it is very dangerous if you can’t handle it. In addition, a rider who is exposed to a lot of wind when driving, will get tired faster than if his hands are protected.

Therefore, it is better to use full driving gloves. Because it will protect you from all kinds of direct collision with you. This will be very useful for short and long-distance riders. Because we cannot know when an accident or danger will occur. Because every time you leave the house, the danger will definitely lurk you.

So, you can imagine this when you are not wearing gloves. Using driving gloves is still likely to get hurt, especially if you don’t. Therefore, for the drivers out there, it is better to equip their riding equipment as needed.

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