Batting Gloves

Batting Gloves


New baseball gloves can really feel stiff. It can even make it hard for you to play the game. You can always wait for your gloves to break naturally, but that can take a really long time. Fortunately, there is an even quicker solution to cracking new baseball batting gloves. The following suggestions can make your gloves feel like a second skin and allow you to get back to concentrating on your playing.

It cannot be denied that the new gloves are not too comfortable to use directly. So there needs to be habituation first. In addition, gloves like this will interfere with the game if you can’t get used to it first. Therefore, here we will tell you how the solution is for new gloves like this. Because with the solustion, your game certain is better than before.

So, usually baseball players who wear batting gloves have special treatment beforehand. There are many ways. So actually this doesn’t mean you can’t use new gloves when playing. but have to find a solution for how to get used to it. This will make the gloves less stiff.

Softens with Sunlight and Cooling Oil

Buy Cooling Oil for Batting Gloves

Most manufacturers offer oils specially formulated to care for their gloves. Applying a small amount of cooling oil will soften, enrich, and preserve the skin in your glove pocket. You can use shaving cream that contains lanolin as an inexpensive alternative to cooling oils. Don’t use too much oil or cream on your gloves. Applying too much can cause skin damage. Use just enough to spread a thin layer all over the pocket.

Use Batting Gloves Either Baseball Gloves or Softball Gloves

They are not the same thing. Softball gloves have slightly larger pockets to fit slightly larger balls. Then put the ball in the glove. Put it in the sweet spot of the gloves. The sweet spot is the ideal spot to catch the ball, at the bottom of the net between your thumb and index finger.

Wrap Some Large Rubber Bands Around the Glove with a Ball in It

The strap should be tight so that the ball is right in the glove pocket and unable to move. This is to form the pockets to fit the ball. Don’t use strings for this. A tightly twisted string or string can leave odd-looking marks around the outside of the glove. Then leave the band-wrapped glove in direct sunlight for a few hours and not more. The sun’s rays will make your skin warm and flexible. Do not leave gloves on a hot surface. You don’t want to cook it.

Take the Gloves Out of the Sun, Remove the Rubber Bands, and Pop the Ball

Form the batting gloves by sticking your fists in your pockets and opening and closing the gloves. Throw the ball repeatedly hard into the center of the glove pocket, and close the glove as soon as it hits the net. The more often you do this, the better the ball will fit and the more you develop a feeling of catching and keeping the ball.

Then lastly, close the batting gloves around the ball and wrap it back with an elastic band. Keep it for a day or two in a dark, dry place. Choose a secluded place away from pets and small children who may interfere with the process. Take the gloves, remove the rubber bands and balls. Your gloves must be ready for action. The more you use them, the better they will fit your hand.

Do batting gloves help a baseball player?

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